Yes, I just installed LibreOffice 3.3 RC1 on Principle

Document Foundation Released LibreOffice Release Candidate 1 just the other day!!!


Yes. I installed LibreOffice 3.3: on principle today. Using Open Office anymore just makes me feel dirty.

At this beta stage, it is not very different from Open Office. In case you were not aware, several months ago, when Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems, around 30 developers walked out and joined The Document Foundation to fork Libre Office. Libre Office provides hope for the Office Productivity suite - it will be a branch that can remain unfettered by the whims of the proprietary software giant, and will be extremely community oriented and focused on what made Open Office as awesome as it is today!

In other ways, it affords us new opportunities. Even Sun Microsystems hindered it in a way. In stark contrast to a not-for profit Open Source entity like the Apache Foundation, Sun was grubbing money from the start. Sun was often used as the super corporatist example of how open source could still ensure high returns - however their having gone public tipped them over the edge, and left them to the whim of a stock market that doesn't care if it's products have a positive impact on a community.

As they politely state on the Document Foundation's FAQ (emphasis added):

When Sun Microsystems decided to release the software under an open-source licence a decade ago, it was making an act of faith in Community based development, which it hoped would one day lead to an independent foundation. This gamble has proved hugely successful, and today is unquestionably the world's leading open-source productivity suite. As the Community approached its second decade, a consensus gradually emerged among leading Community contributors that a new organisational model was needed to take it forward. From the options available, an independent, community owned and managed democratic foundation emerged as the best solution.

Thus the joy at discovering that the Libre Office team was connecting with a Foundation! Considering it's wide adoption, the donations will assuredly be streaming in for years to come. It will be exciting to see what Libre Office can do to take Open Source Office Productivity Applications to the next level! Synchronous collaboration? Git Integration? More APIs?

Who knows what the future may hold for LibreOffice, but be sure to connect with them however you can to guide them as community members in the process.

Heres a thought - what if the MySQL team forks as well? That would wipe the sweat off the brow of many a LAMP developer/admin!!!!

FYI -'s blog has a nice little step-by-step on how to install the RPMS for LibreOffice. Be sure to change the filenames, as this post is a bit aged. If you are using Windows or OSX they should install just fine as they come.

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