Application Development & Support

We have experience with many Open Source technologies used by both many small and large, fortune 500 businesses across the world. Whether they are designed to streamline your data and resource management, make your communications more secure and efficient, or increase sales, there are many ways for us to get the job done right.


We are aware of the many and diverse compliance needs of businesses. We can offer strong encryption and security for very affordable rates, and help you to maintain your certifications and maintain your peace of mind.
  • Asterisk / FreePBX / VoIP installation and maintenance.
  • Secure and Encrypted XMPP (Voice, Video, Chat, Screensharing). Have your own internal/encrypted version of Skype!
  • Video conferencing and Webinars
  • Encrypted email servers with spam protection, PGP message encryption and signing,
  • Secure file and record management solutions.

Information Systems

We can consult on, implement, train and support highly custom tailored Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Some of the technologies we support are used by Toyota, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, as well as thousands of small retail, distribution, manufacturing, publishing, hospitality, and financial firms across Europe, North America, and East Asia.
  • Create portals that integrate your various IS components into one easy to use system. Accounting, Inventory, Warehouse, Distribution, Retail, Point of Sale, ECommerce, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Sales.
  • With a few clicks, generate customized reports, invoices, work orders, routing and pack lists - almost any documents that are needed to drive your business.
  • Integrate with existing office software such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Microsoft Office, and more
  • Use barcodes and mobile devices to streamline work on the shop/warehouse floor.
  • No licensing costs and low rates means that this can lead to FAR quicker ROI than any proprietary systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Migrate from legacy solutions painlessly and efficiently.

Custom-built Applications

  • Extensive experience with PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, Python and GTK+, Java, Perl, C++ and Fortran
  • We can build custom solutions from the ground up, integrate and build custom modules and plugins for a wide array of applications.
  • Web Based solutions, Desktop/LAN solutions, or a combination of both!
  • Our Agile practices make sure that we can get the done right and make the best of any size budget.

Open Source And What It Can Do For You

At Flywheel Collective, we value a community approach to all aspects of business and commerce. One way in which we incorporate this principle is by our preference for open source technology. While there are many myths about open source, the reality is that there are people all over the world who encounter problems, find solutions and want to share their work. You might be surprised to learn that many of the most popular open source projects are led by the same respected engineers at top IT companies like Oracle and IBM. Many large organizations, including the European Union (yes, the EU), rely on this technology every day. By using open source software as much as possible, we are able to bring together technology developed by people who understand your needs - all with enterprise-level quality and reliability.

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