IT Installation & Support

The Flywheel Collective offers IT consulting, installation, support and maintenance. We do on-call work in the Greater Cleveland area and can work remotely using a wide array of technologies. We have years of field experience repairing both hardware and software.

Most importantly, we work to make sure you are informed and ready to use the technologies we maintain and install. We can do on-site and web-based trainings, remote support and use various other means to ensure that you or your team can make efficient and effective use of your IT infrastructure.

Server Installation and Maintenance

Do you have an on-site or remote server that needs upgrades, support or maintenance? We can perform thorough security checks and identify deep problems, fix hardware and software problems and get your servers running faster and more smoothly than ever before.

We can also offer consulting on the best server-based solutions available or build custom systems. If your company needs a way to host files, an email server, a website, collaboration software and more, you would be surprised at the many powerful and inexpensive options that are now available to meet these needs.

Security and Data Management

Are you concerned about malicious users accessing or destroying your data?
We can install and upgrade a wide array of software, and help your organization make sure you are keeping up with upgrades and security. We can also build a custom security solution or choose an off-the-shelf system that will fit your budget and needs.

Of course, a sensible file backup plan is just as important as rock-solid security. Data backup is one of the most basic precautions one can take with their data. We can help save you the headache of data loss and offer automated backups and file management solutions.


We can consult on software options and make sure that the technology you are using meets your demands and will continue to meet your budget.

Although we are more than happy to offer support for Windows® and Mac®, including Windows XP to 7, IIS, MS Exchange and SBS 08, we highly recommend proven open source alternatives to expensive Microsoft and Apple software that many companies get stuck with. We have many years of experience with open source alternatives such as Ubuntu, Debian, Cent0S and ArchLinux.

These technologies have become extremely user friendly, are much easier and cheaper to support, and are fully integrated and compatible with the latest business technologies. They are used by entire school systems, entire government departments, and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. If your organization is interested in a free estimate, please contact us and we can show you how to make the open source switch!

Breathe new life into your old computers

We would much rather see old systems refurbished and re-used than dumped into landfills. Electronics contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium and are very difficult to dispose of safely. We can bring your dinosaurs back to life with the GNU/Linux operating system. Of course, if the system is totally unusable, we’ll tell you where you can take it for proper disposal.

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We have a very quick turn around time for estimates and are ready and willing to work on many scales of projects, whether its a simple personal website or a large, complex project with advanced technical specifications. To learn more, please fill out our easy estimate request form...

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