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Here at the flywheel tech collective, we really enjoy working with the nonprofit community. We have a bevy of resources and skills which are extremely useful for the non-profit, educational, and activist sectors.

Specifically, we are proud to use CiviCRM as a powerful software suite that allows non-profits to manage their information, track donations and members, register people for events, email newsletters and targeted email campaigns, case management and more.

CiviCRM was built by non-profits for non-profits. It replaces the functionality of many services you might already pay for or have considered, and because its FOSS, there are no costly licenses. You can host it on your own server and integrate it with your website (sign-ups and forms, campaigns, event calendars, etc.)

It is a perfect solution for:
  • Foundations
  • Activist Organizations
  • Public Policy Campaigns
  • Community Groups
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Membership Organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Churches and Faith-based organizations
  • Political Campaigns

Constituent Information Management

  • Import contact databases from Constant Contact, I-Contact, Outlook, Excel, and many many other formats
  • Design the database around the way your organization functions, using automatically generated groups for donors, activists, event attendees, members, volunteers and more
  • Allow people to sign up and provide information themselves through your website
  • Track donations, actions, memberships, and other activity for each contact

Email Campaigns

  • Use the contact database for email newsletters, targeted donor solicitation campaigns, calls to action, and more!
  • Import your existing email templates, or have us help you build new ones as part of your identity package
  • Use contact lists for targeted campaigns
  • Edit newsletters and email blasts through an easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Manage multiple different email templates and send out emails quickly and effectively
  • NO added costs for email blasts under 20,000 contacts

Donations, Memberships and Pledges

  • Allow website visitors to make donations (with scaled gift levels), in-kind donations, sign up for memberships, and pay for event registrations all through your website
  • Enable on-site credit card processing with a merchant account and payment processor of your choice
  • All receipts, donation records and bookkeeping records are automatically generated and can be customized to fit your needs
  • Add checks, cash donations, and other non-web based donations to the system to easily track all fund-raising efforts

Event Management and Registration

  • Manage participant information from online forms and through data entry
  • Mail invitations and reminders through Email system
  • Create event templates to simplify the posting of recurring events
  • Allow users to RSVP, register, and include custom information (and pay for registration based on price sets you define, i.e. gold sponsor, etc.)
  • Automatically generates maps for the use of participants

Case Management

  • Manage cases for educational, social services and other programs which require case-by-case involvement
  • Triage contacts into the Case Management system based on custom form fields
  • Use Event Templates to simplify the process
  • Built-in location maps for event information and registrants

Calls to Action

  • Use targeted email blasts and website pages to engage visitors in the political process
  • Built in functionality allows you to send email blasts to legislators using sunshine database (zipcode lookup for districts and representatives)
  • Generate walk-lists for canvassing, lit drops and door-to-door campaigns
  • Generate phone lists for phone banking


  • Build custom reports for Annual Reports, Cashflow, Member Activity and other useful purposes
  • Export accounting reports to be imported into
  • Create membership reports based on custom fields
  • Generate Case Management outreach statistics reports for various grantmaking foundations and government agencies
  • Build reports for email marketing impact and development initiatives

Ease of Use

  • Highly simplified User Interface.  A large panel of non-profit workers has been driving the development of CiviCRM since it's inception.  It is designed with ease of use in mind!
  • Easy how-tos and links to the pages and information you need
  • An extremely thorough manual (see left) that helps you to plan, implement, and use the system day to day
  • WYSIWYG editors for pages and templates to make creating custom content and making newsletters a breeze!
  • Build custom reports with a few clicks
  • Customizable dashboard allows you to see the information you need, when you need it!

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